"Security of your systems is our mission"

About Us

We deliver precise and high quality work that is tailored to fit your needs. From detailed planning through execution and final delivery, our customers are closely involved and have great visibility into all aspects of the project.

Privacy policy

We know that your data are the most important asset of your business and we treat the them that way. Any data we collect about your company during project execution will be safe with us. We don't use any cloud services nor third party storages so you don't have to worry your data gets into the wrong hands. We never do anything that would compromise your business, all our actions are for your benefit. Our partnership is completely confidental, project outcome will be delivered only to the responsible persons. We don't list our customers as references of our work.

What we do

Penetration testing

We perform penetration testing of mobile aplications on both iOS and Android, web application testing including API based on OWASP metology, Unix, Linux and Microsoft based information systems and wired or wireless computer networks. All the tests are bespoke and can be performed in form of black-box testing, if you want to run the tests secretly, and/or you can provide us with the system documentation for in-depth analysis and more focused testing.

Cybersecurity consultancy

We help you to choose powerful security tools for your business. We help you with system deployment and creation of bespoke security rules for your company. We demonstrate the system and train your employees so they can use the security systems to their full potential. We have vast experience with many different security products from firewalls to SIEM.

Red team

What damage could motivated attacker do if he becomes one of your employees? Our security engineers check the cybersecurity level from the inside of your company using all the possible attack vectors. Beside determinating the risk of data loss itself we evaluate a datectability of data leakage and its traceability.

Security audits

We perform information security audits durig which we evaluate the security level in your company and consistency of security processes compliance. We use social engineering to check the reliability of your employees with your sensitive data. We find the weakpoints and offer you solutions and appropriate tools that help you protect your precious data.

Cybersecurity consultancy for developers and architects

We offer security consultancy for design and development of software, information systems and computer networks. Finding and fixing the security error in early stages of development is always cheaper than fixing it in production.

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